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    eLife, LLC specializes in the design & distribution of Non-Medically Underwritten Term Life products for the untapped life insurance "middle market" in the United States. Our breakthrough distribution technology, the eLife Platform, incorporates electronic underwriting and "Straight-Through-Processing", so we’re able to reach that market easily, and cost effectively.

    In today's environment, many consumers seek to avoid face-to-face meetings with Agents and medical exam personnel. With our "No Physical Contact Needed" process, Agents are perfectly equipped to meet this need as the eLife Platform offers the ultimate solution.

    Over 50 million US households today don’t have life insurance at all, or they don’t have enough life insurance. This market consists of people that typically have modest insurance needs and would benefit from having even a moderate amount of coverage, such as $100,000 to $500,000.


    However, accessing these consumers through outdated methods, offering offering "cobbled-together" partial solutions and using manual underwriting processes with full medical exams & fluids is simply not economic for Agents. This is one of the key reasons the life insurance industry has found this market to be so difficult to reach.

    That's where eLife steps in.

    eLife was established with a specific purpose in mind; to assist insurance companies to access the middle market profitably while at the same time, providing Agents with the tools they need to sell life insurance cost effectively.

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    From Quote to Approved and Delivered, and Printed Policy in 20 Minutes

    We achieve this using our highly automated distribution platform, which brings together the benefits of electronic underwriting and Straight-Through Processing. That means that moderately priced, Non-med Term Life policies can be sold 100% online. From start to finish including e-Policy Delivery to the policyholder in as little as 20 minutes. Paperless, simple, and economic.


    So, if you’re an executive of a life insurance company looking for opportunities to sell Term Life insurance to that untapped middle market, or if you head up an Insurance Sales Organization (Brokerage, Call Center, Insurance Marketer, etc.) looking for cutting-edge, Non-Med Term Life products that your Agents will be motivated to sell, then read on.


    Or if you like, just contact us.


    The eLife team is made up of talented and resourceful industry experts with decades of experience and a global footprint spanning four continents.


    Our professional expertise covers:

    • Designing Non-Med Term Life insurance products
    • Developing platforms for distributing life insurance products online
    • Implementing solutions for electronic underwriting and straight-through processing
    • Building relationships with major national insurance sales organizations (Call Centers, Brokerage Firms, Insurance Marketers, etc.)
    • Actuarial Consulting & Pricing
    • Direct-to-consumer sales and marketing
    • Insurance Company Home Office Senior Management expertise


    Combining and leveraging our expertise across the "Life Insurance" and "Technology" verticals has enabled us to develop our cutting-edge eLife Platform, which is designed to transform the way life insurance is sold and bought.


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    Our unique point of difference is our automated online delivery capability, which brings together electronic underwriting and Straight-Through-Processing to enable real-time assessment and decision-making on life insurance applications.


    Our innovative platform boasts a vastly improved online user experience for insurance Agents, where every step is automated and paper is eliminated. Using the eLife Platform, an application for life insurance can be completed and a policy issued online in as little as 20 minutes.


    The eLife Platform’ is a powerful "next-generation" online system designed specifically for selling Non-Med Term Life products quickly, easily, paperlessly, and economically. With the eLife Platform, you can purchase a policy in as little as 20 minutes. And when you’re finished… you’re done. The policy is instantly downloaded, and you’re covered.


    To achieve this, our platform combines the benefits of electronic underwriting and Straight-Through-Processing together with many years of our collective expertise and experience.


    The eLife platform features:

    • Agent login with "Agent-assisted" sales process
    • Simple and intuitive user interface based on an Award-Winning design
    • Electronic underwriting engine including real-time interface to third party databases (MIB, Rx, MVR, Criminal History, Consumer Credit Score, Identity Verification)
    • Auto-decision-making and Straight-Through-Processing
    • Application and policy forms configured for all State variations
    • Secure digital signature solution
    • Online payment processing including checking, savings, debit and credit cards
    • Ready to be configured for new products and white-labelling
    • Policies issued instantly via "e-Policy Delivery"
    • Consumer-Direct sales process (optional)
    • Sophisticated reporting and analytics

    Contact us for more information on the eLife Platform


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    Insurance Companies

    We partner with life insurance companies seeking to grow their business through the sale of Non-Medically Underwritten Life products. We offer these insurance companies some or all of the following range of services and benefits including:

    • Assistance in the design of a Non-Med Life product appropriate for a defined market niche
    • Use of the eLife Platform for distributing Non-Med Life
    • Efficient deployment and speed to market
    • Access to Agency networks and call centers already set up and trained to sell Non-Med Life products
    • Use of the eLife Platform to establish a Direct-to-Consumer sales channel
    • Online access to exceptional production reporting and data analytics
    • Introduction to potential reinsurance support
    • Actuarial Consulting & Pricing

    Life Insurance Distributors and Agencies

    We offer Agencies access to competitive Non-med Term Life products via our online eLife Platform. We provide a range of services to all Distributors to ensure that their Agents are trained, highly motivated, and well supported. Once sales have commenced, we provide online access to exceptional production reporting and data analytics.


    For more information on partnering with eLife, please contact us.


    If we can help in any way, or if you would like additional information, send us an email or give us a call.


    For Insurance Company inquiries:

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    Christopher Snyder

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  • For insurance sales organization inquiries:

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    Bruce Hill

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    Sy Alter


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    Our product, available via the eLife Platform, is called eLife Express.


    eLife Express is a Non-Medically Underwritten Term Life program.


    In a nutshell;

    • Issue Ages 18 to 70
    • 10, 15 and 20 Year level term guarantee periods available
    • Minimum Face Amount: $100,000
    • Maximum Face Amount: $500,000
    • 4 Rate Classes designed to match applicant health and lifestyle profile


    Click here for the eLife Express Product Guide.


    Agents login here to access the eLife Platform and sell eLife Express


    Administrators login here to access the eLife Platform